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Billinudgel Hotel ! My favourite musical home

The night of the 18th of June.

I had my 1st opportunity to play at the magnificent Billinudgel Hotel.

The area is beautiful, with the natural surroundings of rainforest & minor build up of commercial insanity.

A peace full reminder of what matters most.

The open hearted community with involved themselves around the fire pit & outdoor area while paying attention respectfully to our display of Powerful Soul Groove Surf Rock.

A big thank you to my family, my loved ones and the avid listeners who kept us entertained with their antics.

Josh Jurd couldn’t make it out that night due to a sus seafood subway, however he was with us in good spirit!

Regendra Von Froth Prasad created an absolute spectacle and supported my songs so well with his Yamaha drum kit. The Bass lines of Brett Edy were appreciated to the fullest as we warmed up through the night. Brett is a genius in regards to the lines that he sets, it was Brett’s 3rd ever musical experience with me & the band and not the last, hopefully.

It was so nice of Panda & CB to give me a start up. Such a pleasure.

My partner Concha was busy throughout the nights finding creative angles to shoot, very luck for us as we will be rewarded with cinematics from the night.

Stay Tuned!!

Bigger things are unfolding

Our next big show will be in July on the 9th.

A Saturday afternoon at the mighty Mo’s Desert Clubhouse!

Tix are available on their website.

Thank you Frotherz!

Talk soon

Alby 🌊

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