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About Me 

My name is Alby Pitman, I am a talented multi-instrumentalist and vocalist.

My music can be best described as

New Soul Groove, which encompasses the Dark and the Light. 

I am grateful to call the Gold Coast, Australia my home, I am able to do what I love and follow my passion which is creating and performing my music and connecting to my land. The ocean and the country.


My music became very important in my life after a motorcycle crash in Cambodia. 

I split my knee in two and changed my whole perspective at the time. Emergency surgery was necessary to mend my broken knee and 2 years of extensive rehabilitation.

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My intention with myself is to create a positive influence through my music and push past limitations of culture and ethnicity. 

Connecting Globally to the people of many different perspectives and lives is important to me. Delving deep into ritual and cultural music is energising for me. I have an explorers mindset always looking for more.

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My Australian roots 

have led me to receive knowledge from many walks of life, from the jobs I have worked

to the travel I have experienced all around Australia.

My musical gift allows me to interpret these experiences and share my knowledge to connect and inspire my fans.


Music for me is the universal language and i have been given this opportunity to share this around the world.


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